GRRRL Camp Founder's Inspiration


Today you get a glimpse into the head of GRRRL Camp’s founder from before the camp had begun.  These are the thoughts she had after an encounter with an awesome girl.  

"More consistently than anything else in my life I am inspired by girls, and yesterday was no exception. I was at the Exploratorium, waiting to enter the Tactile Dome (a pitch black obstacle course-type thing that you feel your way through) and waiting near me, by herself, was a girl who made my day. I’d say she was probably 8 years old, sitting there alone with a look that had a hint of nervousness but mostly excitement. She was curiously looking around, but not in the usual way I’d imagine someone her age might. She seemed to have herself together. Very poised. A woman sitting next to her asked if she was alone and she explained that her mom was claustrophobic so she was going through by herself. It’s difficult to put into words how it made me feel to be around this girl, but I knew she should do something important with her life. It seemed like she knew what she wanted, she’d be cool in stressful situations, and would get things done if she were in charge. 

Then I started pleading with her in my head. Oh please, please don’t hit 5th grade and let your self-esteem drop so you think you can’t do math. Don’t become self-conscious about your body and start paying more attention to calories than school or what makes you happy. Don’t ever let anyone push you around, tell you how to identify, make you believe you shouldn’t take up space, make noise, be intimidatingly intelligent, be angry, be happy on your own, take what you deserve. Don’t compete with other women for the attention of or approval from men at the expense of your self-worth or your chance to build a strong women’s network.  Know your worth. If you get called derogatory names because you are powerful, learn to take them as compliments. Know that if anyone abuses you to exert power over you it’s not your fault. And know that if these things do happen, you’re certainly not alone. 

I wish I could’ve talked to her and maybe invited her to some cool program for girls, but I didn’t. I don’t know any in San Francisco. But she reinforced for me what I want to do with my life and inspired me just by sitting there. I am grateful.”