Empowering posters for girls!

Our posters show girls they are strong, powerful, and smart. 

We are using the buy-one-give-one model, so for every poster you purchase, you are actually purchasing two! One for a girl (or boy) in your life and another for a girl who can't afford one!

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What people are saying:

"So glad my two girls will have this positive influence in their lives."    "I have a smart, sporty 6 year old who NEEDS this kind of model. You go girls!"    "I know my daughter would love to see an awesome, strong ballerina poster when she wakes up every morning – we hope tons of other girls get to benefit from the empowering example you all provide!"    "We can’t wait to send these to our nieces! Thank you so much for your fantastic work and the impact you’re making on the world!"    "Thank you for creating inspirational artwork that respects and challenges young women!"

A huge thank you to everyone who helped fund our Powerful Poster Project!  Thank you to those of you who wished to remain anonymous as well.  We couldn't have done it without you! 

Ann Gaffigan, Danielle Rodman, Susan Abraham, Lori Petrini, Renee Valdovino, Carol and Peter Carrubba, Kali Kraum, Kelly Ross, Kathleen Phillips, Christina Kreitzer, Casey Blakely, Sahar Bala, Christina Studebaker, Kerren Campa, Sophia Andary, Stacey Speer, Amanda Ball, Lisa Plourde, Susan Quaintance, Nine Dejanvier, Jodi Kalas, Iris Starr, Susie Barr-Wilson, Freya Newton, Rachel Johnston, Adeline Koscher, Sarah McMane, Jessica Whittier, Eric Monson, Sue Bethanis, Julie Ann Arney, Jackie Watson, Allison Jones, Virginia Hamill, Rachel Tybor, Elizabeth McChesney, Steve McChesney, Gerry Labedz, Cassidy Britton, Anna Dausman, Carlee Weimer, Danielle Griffith, Christine Ford, Ann Zeis, Nathan Dintenfass, Andrew Schneider, The young ladies of the St. Scholastica Senior Academy, Aimee Ledwell, Ariane Wesemael, Amanda Rosenblum, Jane Kirchhofer, Elizabeth Ruttenberg, Elinor Daleiden, Tim Daleiden, Dorothy Creed, Liah Williams, Colleen Brewer, Lindsay Kinsler, Amy Chervenak, Robin Ward, Carrie Brachmann, Briah Luther, Raelene Caswell, Vera Rodriguez, Michelle L Wilkinson, Linda Strout, Mariana Souza, Clementine Hoeing, Natalie Josef, Carol Markovics, Danielle Rodman, Lori Petrini, Jo Hadley, Jennifer Kershaw, Nicole Shaw, Blake Irvin, Laurie Ryan, Ann Cook, Jen Markovics, Jamie Martina, Pat Lane, Sky Kral, Tracy Grant, Alyssa Waters, Katie McEwen, Ann-Marie Hobbs, Lori Dietrich, National Payday, Julia Chandler, Maria Herd, Catherine Herzog, Molly Whittaker, Tiffanie Turner, Alicia Forde, Renee Georgulas, Reese Souza, Carie Small, Paul Hollenbach, Erika Hawkins.